Dogs And Summer Heat 🐶☀️

Like us, heatstroke is also a danger to dogs in hot days. High temperatures, humidity, and poor ventilation are reasons for heatstroke to develop. To check whether your dogs are suffering from heatstroke, look out for symptoms such as panting, dry skin, dehydration, rapid heartbeat or anxious expression.

In general, puppies and elderly dogs are more sensitive in the summer comparing to adult dogs. Certain dog breeds have a great appreciation for hot climates (German Shorthaired Pointer, Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, etc.) while others are prone to heat stress (Bulldogs, Pug, Boxer, etc.).

To keep your canine cool, you can:
Offer wet towel to your dog to lay on
Set playtimes in early mornings and evenings
Give your dogs some homemade frozen treats
Put ice cube into the water dish
Keep your dog paws cool
Do not leave your dogs in the car!

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