Having ticks is not great 🕷 ❌. These bloodsuckers can cause some serious diseases for your dogs if they are not removed entirely, which could be extremely difficult. Here are some tips to help you get rid of and prevent ticks on your dogs:

✔️Use over the counter spot-on medication. This can help to keep ticks at bay for up to a month.

✔️Use oral medications.

✔️Use shampoos with medicated ingredients to kill ticks. Repeat the process every two weeks.

✔️Use tick powder. Apply a small amount to rub into the skin as the fine powder can be an irritant to your dogs’ mouth and lung if inhaled

✔️Take care of your house and lawn. Consider trimming your trees, lawn, and bushes to reduce the living area of ticks and fleas. You might need to use household and yard spray if the situation is not better.

✔️Check your dog regularly. Look around the neck, inside the ears, between the legs and toes and remove any tick you find immediately.

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