Have you ever seen your vegetables be scoffed by your dog? If yes, were you worried and kept asking yourself: are vegetables safe for dogs?

The answer is: it depends. Let’s take some examples.

🌱 Lettuce
Because lettuce is high in water but low nutritional value, dogs can have lettuce as a source of hydration while enjoying a nice crunch, rather than gaining nutritional benefit.
Before feeding your buddies, make sure that the lettuce is fresh, raw and thoroughly washed. Does your dog want whole leaves or shredded lettuce? You’ll find out after a few times feeding him.

🌱 Asparagus
We agree that asparagus is great: it has low caloric content but high nutritional value. One cup asparagus gives us 70% of recommended daily intake of Vitamin K which helps with blood clotting and protein synthesis. Also, Vitamin A in asparagus protects us from eye problems. Therefore, asparagus is perfectly safe for dogs.
Because asparagus is tough and chewy, it is best to steam or grilled (without any fat) before feeding to your dog.

🌱 Spinach
You can’t go wrong with spinach! As spinach is high in many vitamins, spinach is a superfood that provides massive health benefits. However, not everyone knows that spinach is also high in oxalic acid which blocks the body’s ability to absorb calcium. This would lead to kidney damage in dogs in case of over-consumption or pre-existing health conditions affecting kidney function.
If you want to feed spinach to your dog, cook it first. Feed them with a small amount and watch out for any digestive problems.

✅In conclusion:
While lettuce and asparagus are perfectly safe, spinach is safe but does bring the risk of kidney damage to dogs. Vegetables must be washed carefully before feeding. You should always start with a small amount and watch for signs of any digestive discomfort in your pals. In case you need help, your veterinarian knows the best.

Learn more about vegetables for dogs: http://bit.ly/2SNRFk9

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