We all love puppies! No one can resist a puppy’s innocent face, fluffy ears, and soft pink paw pads. If you recently got your first small four-legged friend or planning to adopt one soon, you should check out these tips:

🐶 Socialize your puppy to many different situations. Take them to places where you can control the environment to some extent such as small social gatherings or pet-friendly stores.

🐶 Leave your puppy alone to help him overcome separation anxiety. In other words, you should introduce them to “aloneness” gradually. Include a crate or exercise-pen training during this process so he can stay safely confined while you’re away. You can play with him until he’s tired, then put him in a crate (or pen) with a yummy chew and sit nearby doing your things. Slowly increase the distance and the length of time you leave him alone.

🐶 Be positive in training time. Force-free training using treats reinforce your desired behaviors from your puppy.
Show your puppy it’s fun to learn new things. Incorporating happy voices, toys and play as part of the training process.

🐶 Teach your puppy a fast recall. If your dog has a solid recall you will feel more confident giving him the freedom to play in large areas unrestricted. Recall cue should imply “good stuff” such as yummy treats or a chance to play with his coveted toy.

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