Want to give your new dog all the love and attention they deserve while still being sustainable? ♻️New pet products tend to be sold with lots of packaging, which can be terrible for the environment our animals need!

The solution? 🤔💭

💡Our list of Zero Waste Pet Tricks to keep your pet and planet happy and clean:

✔️Order food in the largest bulk packaging available, or better yet, cook healthy dog food right in your own kitchen with these recipes from The Ultimate Guide to Zero Waste Pet Food. https://www.thezerowastepet.com/zero-waste-pet-food/
If you serve your pet food from metal cans, clean the cans thoroughly before recycling

✔️Avoid using plastic bowls for serving food and water. Other alternatives are stainless steel, ceramic, glass, wood, even silicone collapsible bowls

✔️Use multi-purpose treats. An option such as bonito flakes is favored by both dogs and cats so if your dogs (unlikely) stop liking it, your cats would be happy with a double portion. Double-duty treats such as turmeric treat and salmon skin treat will give your dogs instant satisfaction while providing them with great health benefits. Why buy treats and supplements separately when you can combine them?

✔️Another treat option is to make your own in the kitchen! Try Zero Waste Blogger Lauren Singer’s 4-ingredient homemade dog treat recipe: http://trashisfortossers.com/4-ingredient-homemade-zero-wa…/

✔️Make dog toys out of upcycled household items. Tying old t-shirts and ropes into knots make great tug-of-war gear for playful pets. You can also purchase secondhand (preloved) durable toys.

✔️Clean your home with non-toxic cleaners that won’t upset your pet’s olfactory senses or make them sick. Vinegar is a great non-toxic alternative to almost any cleaning product in your home and is totally safe for pets. Bea Johnson, the OG “Priestess of Zero Waste” lists all of the her zero waste cleaning materials on her blog, Zero Waste Home https://zerowastehome.com/…/zero-waste-cleaning-and-laundry/

✔️Buy grooming materials made from natural, recyclable or compostable materials, such as metal, wood or bamboo.

✔️After grooming your dog, compost those furballs!

✔️Pick up an unpackaged bars of dog shampoo and skip the cologne. If dog shampoo isn’t available in your area, try this recipe to make it at home.

✔️Pick up after your pet with paper bags instead of plastic bags, and search for services that allow you to compost pet waste separate from community food waste.

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