We usually hear stories about how dogs help humans cope with a certain handicap. However, dogs face the very same problems that we should help them with. In this post, we’ll explore some tips on how to help your blind dog live a healthy life.

✅Give your dog a safe zone
Establish a “home-base” in your house where your dog feels comfortable. Make sure the area has bowls of water and food around. Leave a soft bed or blanket for your buddy to lie down at any time.

✅Keep a consistent routine.
Walk your dog the same convenient paths and get back to the walking areas that your dog knows well.

✅Use ambient noise
Dogs have exceptional hearing abilities and those that are blind rely on it heavily. Leave a TV or radio play in the background to calm your dog. Make sure the program or music you play is not extreme.

✅Choose Toys that make Noise
Blind dogs still like to play and interact with their owners. Utilize sound in dog toys to restore the dog’s curiosity for play.

✅Keep your house tidy
Make sure the house floor doesn’t have unnecessary objects laying or standing around so your dog doesn’t bump into them every time. If all your furniture stays in particular places most of the time, your dog will be able to navigate much easier.

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