Figures vary from country to country but one thing is common to all. Many pet owners allow their pets to sleep with them. This raises a question: Is it appropriate to let our dogs sleep with us? Is there any benefit or risk to our health that this may entail?

Here are, on the one hand, the benefits and on the other hand the risks for you to find out if you are a person prepared to share a bed with your dog.

✔️Greater sense of security, both emotionally and physically.

✔️Reduced stress. Pets promote feelings of calm and relief, helping to counteract anxious thoughts associated with sleep – onset insomnia. Just touching them raises the level of oxytocin in our brains and makes us feel good.

✔️Warmth and comfort. The warmth and rhythmic breathing of a pet’s body can also provide a soothing effect that lulls a person to sleep.

✔️Better emotional bond. Sleeping with you can help them feel more part of the pack.

Health risks:

✔️Aggravates pet allergies and asthma. The problem with pet allergens is that they aren’t isolated to your dog’s body. Pet allergens can adhere to other surfaces and remain inflammatory to allergic individuals even when the dog has left the room.

✔️Increases risk of disease. Your pet spends more time outside interacting with things you take care to avoid, which could otherwise interfere with your health.

✔️Interrupts sleep. Dogs have dreams just like we do, and kick, grunt and move in their sleep during REM sleep.

✔️Cause dominance and aggression. From your dog’s point of view, you are granting them more territory on a physically higher space.

✔️Interferes with intimacy for couples. Not only does increase distance between the couples, it can also cause a behaviour issues for the dog, allowing them to feel more dominant in getting to sleep wherever they want and separate humans.

Who shouldn’t sleep with their pets?

✔️People who are sick, have a condition that compromise their immune system, or are extremely asthmatic or allergic to pets.


✔️Young children.

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