We have all dreamed of visiting Paris at least once in our lives. The city of light, the city of love, the world capital of fashion. Be it for its history, its incredible monuments, and museums, its spectacular gastronomy, or its wonderful sense of style; you should enjoy all of it in a company of your four-legged friend.🇫🇷🐶 🥐👌

Here are some recommendations for dog-friendly establishments:

Aujourd’hui Demain​, 11th Arrondissement: Aujourd’hui Demain is, at the same time, a cafeteria, bookstore, market shop, space for events, etc. Within its menu, we can find different options both lunch and brunch, as well as other gluten-free. This consists of fresh products (change depending on the season), organic and vegan. They also have all kinds of products for dogs.

Cuiller; Abbesses, Grenelle, Sentier and Marais: They are several dog-friendly cafés around Paris. The main special of them is the preparation of a good coffee, from the beginning of the process to the end. We can also find a good number of typical French dishes such as hard-boiled egg with buttered fresh bread, among others.

Café Pimpim, 18th Arrondissement: Among everything it offers throughout the day, breakfast options, homemade cakes, toast, cold-pressed juice, etc. It is a dog-friendly café where you can spend some time, both in its charming interior and on the picnic tables on the terrace.

Maison Nomade​, 10th Arrondisemment: The menu is characterized by its seasonal produce and its international inspiration. It consists mainly of vegetarian dishes, but also some vegan ones. The establishment also offers yoga classes.

SO NAT​, 9th Arrondisemment: It is the place of the Budha Bowls in Paris. You have the option to either order one of the already made, or create your own. The menu and, consequently, the ingredients; they change every three months to offer only seasonal products.

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