If you wanna enjoy with your dog, a holiday to the Czech Republic, it doesn’t have to be a reason to leave your pet behind.

I am going to propose a route through interesting places in the city and around:

  • Charming Historic Town: One of the charming historic town like Olomouc ( in the east of the country easily accessible by train) & Telc ( UNESCO World Heritage-listed) 
  • Charles Bridge: In Prague, one of the must-see attractions that connect Prague’s castle and the Old Town. You can walk in the early morning with your dog before the crowds arrive…
  • Prague Castle: While dogs aren’t allowed inside the castle building or gardens, they are allowed to explore around and catch the changing of the guard’s ceremony at 12h.
  • Karlstejn Castle: One of the most popular and most dog-friendly from the long list of castles in Prague. Surrounded by a forest you can visit inside and outside of the Castle with your pet.
  • Lednice Park: This park is In the borders with Austria and Slovakia. A beautiful park with a lake, multiples bridges. It’s completely free to visit and is open all year.

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