Pets are part of our life so, why they wouldn’t be at our weddings too? When we get fiance to a person, it is possible that she/he comes with a pet too.

Pet-friendly celebrations are popular nowadays but it’s good to follow some recommendations so we must reduce any factor that can cause stress for our pets.

  • An outdoor celebration would be the best option for a wedding with pets. First of all search, a place where pets are allowed.
  • Build a space where the pet can relax during the reception of all people.
  • Make sure your pet does not feel intimidated by people. You can train it before the celebration.
  • It is necessary that someone, friend, family or doggy sitter be responsible for the dog during the event.
  • The best videos can be recorded by your pet. There is a special harness for dogs holding GoPro cameras that shoot funny videos.
  • For this special day, you can dress your dog with a cute suite, however, keep in mind that if the animal is not used to wear clothes don’t force it.
  • Include a pet confirmation card on the invitation and you will learn how many pets will attend the wedding.

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