Costa Rica is a perfect combination of beauty and solidarity for pets. country that loves dogs. Some say that pets are even more welcome than people. Well, we don’t exactly know if this is a real fact or another joke and we won’t try to that figure this out. Actually, there is a better idea to show you 5 amazing places where both will be welcome!

Selina: This is a pet-friendly hotel and the only thing you need to do is to inform at the entrance that you come with your pet.

Café Miel: Located in Otoya and Escalante neighborhood. It is a cafe with a really chill environment where you can eat delicious empanadas and coffee.

Mercado Escalante: This market offers an environment for the whole family and their pets. Located in Escalante neighboorhood.

Oxígeno Human Playground: This shopping mall has recreation green spaces ideal to walk with your pet and make some shopping.

Café Escalante: It is an artistic dog-friendly cafe that allows pets and offers special menus for them with creative options, hamburgers, sushi and desserts inspired by the regular menu.

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