These days, dogs have also been forced to stay indoors and go out on the go to relieve themselves with exception of some cases like taking the dogs to relieve themselves on the street.

Here are 5 tips:

  1. When we go out: The most important thing in these cases is to be very careful not to have contact with any other person or dog during the time we are on the walk, neither we nor our pet.
  2. Workout at home: We must not stop taking them for a walk. And at home we can continue to play with them; throwing the ball at them, using toys to activate their mental stimulation or using a rope to stretch and pull.
  3. Entertainment is a must: We have to take advantage now that we have more time to devote to them and to review some commands, such as sitting or lying down and even teaching them some new ones.
  4. Good behavior: We are feeling uncertain about this new situation, even stress in some cases due to isolation, and dogs notice it.
  5. Proper nutrition: Food must be good and it will help dog immune system.

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