Tel Aviv is one of the dog-friendliest places on Earth. The Tel Aviv municipality has labelled Tel Aviv as the friendliest place in the world for dogs with 1 dog to every 17 residents. Tel Aviv is a city with sandy Mediterranean beaches and a world-class nightlife, incredible food, UNESCO recognized architecture, and an international outlook. Here are some recommendations for dog-friendly places:

  1. Dog beach. The dog beach is a happy and energized place where dogs can run around without leash, swim in the Mediterranian sea, spread love and affection to beach goers, and get a lot of attention and petting. Tel Aviv municipality designated a few dog-friendly beaches, the most popular is located between the northern Hilton beach and the religious beach (separate beaches). You can also head down south to Alma beach where dogs are welcome to play while you catch some rays.
  2. Dog hotels. There are hundreds of dog-friendly hotels in Israel and Tel Aviv. You can find various types of hotels from 3-star budget hotels to most luxurious hotels like Hotel Montefiore and the Sheraton Towers.
  3. Zorik Café. Located in the leafy northern part of the city, Cafe Zorik serves delicious breakfasts and coffee. If you are a remote worker sitting over a laptop and a coffee, your dog will be offered a large dog bone and showered with attention by it’s dog-loving waiters.
  4. Dog parks. Dog parks like Spiegel Park at the Hilton, Gan Ha’ir and Gan Meir parks with beautiful and expansive views of the ocean. There are fountains for dogs to play in, plenty of grass and lovely grounds where dogs are kings.
  5. Gan Hayarkon Dog Park. A large dog park right in the middle of Hayarkon Park. Great place for dogs to run. Tel Aviv’s Central Park has unlimited grassy areas for your dogs to enjoy. If you’re not a dog owner, the park is also a great place to sit down with a book and pretend to read while actually watching the dogs play.

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