1. Berlin, Germany
    Berlin has always been voted Germany’s most dog-friendly city and it never turns their dog-citizens down. More than 100,000 dogs are officially registered in the city and they are welcome on the streets, in the parks, public transport, and even restaurants and bars. Meanwhile, the numerous dog exercising areas, dog hostels as well as sightseeing tours make sure your dog enjoys a wonderful journey while they stay, making them feel like a “Berliner”.
    Berliners love to carry their dogs on the way. Everyday, you see lovely dogs on the trains and they seem quite adopted to the hectic city life. While small dogs and guide dogs are free of charge on public transport, a special ticket is needed if your boy/girl is a bit big. In order to get familiar with the most popular dog exercising areas in Berlin, one recommendation is to take an adventure walking through your neighborhood with your dog to explore the best playground.
  2. Tel Aviv, Israel
    People always say that Tel Aviv has gone “barking mad”. That’s not just exaggerating. This city is home to more than 30,000 dogs, along with 413,000 people. With the most dogs per capita – one dog for every 17 city dwellers,Tel Aviv declared itself the friendliest city for dogs. It has 4 dog-friendly beaches and 70 dog parks – that’s almost one park per square km. This city is so into dogs, even many businesses based in Tel Aviv serve specifically dogs, including a number of high-tech startups. As a result, it’s hard to not come across a pet store when walking through just a few blocks in the city.
    Tel Aviv is also very accessible due to its small size. Therefore dog-lovers can spend a lot of time outdoors and dogs are definitely an important part of the outdoor activities. In addition, with its 318 sunny days on average per year, Tel Aviv is just perfect for dog-walking. In terms of the Dog Day, Tel Aviv hosts unsurprisingly many special events on every August 26 with attractions for the city’s four-legged residents including dog spa, dog sushi, a bakery for dog treats, and more. If you’re seeking a paradise to live for you and your pup, Tel Aviv is calling your name.
  3. New York, USA
    New York City is not just a metropolis for humans. There are around 425,000 dogs across the five boroughs in the city and the majority of the licensed dogs are in Manhattan. New York may look not that dog-friendly at the first glimpse, however, the data shows, one in seven households in NYC have at least one pup under its roof. Apparently New Yorkers love dogs, especially small dogs, since they are perfect for apartment living and subway-riding.
    Central Park is no doubt the major place to walk your dog in New York, you can also carry your furry friend to a number of bars and restaurants (just check their pet-policy before you make an appointment). The New York subway only allows dogs that are fitted in a bag, but the rules don’t say anything in terms of the size of the dog.  So some New Yorkers just play around and have gotten super creative with this policy: put their dogs in Ikea bags!
  4. Seattle, USA
    Urban cores rank highest for dog friendliness, which are exactly what Seattle can provide dog-lovers. This city has been renowned for leafy parks and outdoor activities, making itself the top spot for dogs. Seattle pooches are able to enjoy multiple walking areas: you can either take your pup to a dog-friendly hike in Blake Island State Park by the ferry, or go to an off-leash park in the city or in the suburbs, for example Marymoor Park and off-leash areas in Redmond. The best and most scenic place to walk your dog near downtown should be the Olympic Sculpture Park and Myrtle Edward, both overlooking Elliott Bay.
    There are around 45 pet-friendly hotels, 150 pet-friendly restaurants in Seattle, like Bark Espresso and the Green Lake Bar and Grill, where you can eat outside with your dog. If your dog is well-behaved and leashed, it’s even Okay to bring them on city light-rails. Furthermore, dogs are welcomed in the workplace too — Amazon, for example, opened a public dog park next to its Spheres building in 2017.
  5. Geneva, Switzerland
    The Swiss take owning a dog very seriously. In this country, owners have to pass a written and practical test before they decide to have a dog. You might think this is strict, however it aims to protect a dog’s rights. Geneva is a city that allows its canine guests to explore the entire city off-leash, so dogs and owners can enjoy many spaces all year around.
    If you want to spend a sweet holiday with your dog , Geneva would be the perfect destination. Since it’s a compact city, perfect for walking, and the efficient transport system in Geneva is also dog friendly. Meanwhile, there are some additional transport options for visiting Geneva, for example, the Mini train tour of the hilly Old Town, which are also favored by dog-lovers. When you visit Geneva with your pup, just keep one thing to keep in mind: never forget to pick up poop!

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