1. Attaboy. Enjoy freshly made hamburgers and hotdogs in this lovely café. Breathtaking smells and music are an integral part of it as well. Attaboy’s staff is friendly and respectable to all doggies. Great for spending time with friends and family! 

2. Anker’t. A cozy, ruin, and chill bar in the city of Budapest. It is located in the courtyard of the building, so you can enjoy the outside weather with your doggies! Plenty of space for sun and shade lovers. 

3. Bistro Fine. A dog-friendly restaurant with marvelous meals and interior! To get the best spot, we advise you to make a reservation! The high society restaurant which is perfect for dog lovers! 

4. Kuzin Bar. the perfect spot for beer lovers. The variety of beers is magnificent; the kinds of beers are changing from time to time. So, you won’t be bored! The staff is extremely dog-friendly. Visit the bar for the best beer experience!

5. Tamp & Pull. Espresso Bar. This place is for coffee lovers and coffee addicts! The coffee shop is located near the river with a magnificent view of the city and a light breeze! Pastries are delicious, and the coffee is the best in the town! You can meet plenty of dog owners here!

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