1. Behind Yellow is a notable dog-friendly disposed café. They have incredible administrations equipped towards dogs and make some mouth-watering dishes for people. The cafe considerably offers agreeable doggo seats that are entirely furnished with railings, which keep a canine from tumbling off the chair.
  2. As its name recommends, Toast Monster, situated on the Gyeongnidan-gil Road, is about toasted sandwiches. Delicious lobster pieces with fresh onions and hot jalapeños make the Lobster Toast a favorite menu thing. The Bacon, Egg, and Cheese alongside the Mac and Cheese Sloppy Joe are both loaded up with a ton of cheddar and yummy and filling. Note, nonetheless, that dogs are permitted here just during non-weekend days. 
  3. Bichon Pocha. It is situated in Sinsa-dong, so mainstream among dogs in Seoul. Canines amass the entire bar, everything being equal, particularly during supper time. They are open till 6 am, and have a fully accessible space alongside a patio. Their entire menu is fish, including steamed octopus and new ocean spurt. 
  4. Situated in Dogok-dong, Sik-Soul has a space saved for clients who bring their pets. The entirety of the dishes here is acceptable, particularly thinking about the cost. The sweet and zesty stew fish tortilla and the massive container of okonomiyaki with crunchy bean sprouts are incredible to be imparted to a gathering. There are likewise a couple of hamburger dishes, including the meat bibimbap and Gyeongsang-do style meat and radish Soup.
  5. Patio.D is Hapjeong’s commended canine cordial eatery. Their Pesto Genovese Pasta with new basil sauce and Lobster Rose Pasta is their most favorite menu things, while the pizza and handcrafted burgers are additionally acceptable. Note that the second floor of the café is available to dogs, yet the third floor has limitations. Any individual who’s carrying their pet here is needed to have potty cushions with them.

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