1. Alison Soup House is one of the most dog-friendly places in the city. On the off chance that you love a “soup-er” generous dinner, this is the spot to be. Serving natively constructed Chinese top picks, for example, bak kut teh and nectar dates ABC soup, it’s the ideal method to warm our tummies. Eat with your hide companions and enjoy some sound suppers that are useful for the spirit. 

2. Gaining practical experience in Western foods, Blue Cow Cafe should head the rundown on your one weekend from now and chase for a decent English Breakfast in Kuala Lumpur! Winning your heart over a delightful supper and comfortable condition, you’re going to cherish the spot more when you discover they have a menu only for your hidden children. Solicitation a “woof” menu, and your dogs are genuinely going to woof in joy. 

3. Burgers and Sushi. Their name may sound basic, yet the kinds of their food unquestionably stick out. Delicious and delicious burgers matched with new sashimi; this may be your unique most loved pearl. Make sure to observe those hairy companions are permitted yet just restricted to open-air seatings. The staff of Burgers and Sushi is extremely pet-friendly! 

4. In case you’re a lover of pork, D’Legends Bar’s menu is sufficient to make your day with your doggo by the side. From pork pizza to pork rib briyani, you’ll be visiting this local bistro bar soon and gracious, if you’re up for the test, their incredible wing is wildly hot, so don’t state I didn’t caution you. With its late working hours, we have your drinking and joint spot secured, and you can, in any event, bring your fuzzy companions along so they won’t be disregarded at home. 

5. Fēst x GRAIN. A calm and quiet bistro for you to complete your work in case you’re somebody who must be gainful outside of your home. Or, on the other hand, maybe you’re searching for another morning meal spot after your morning walk with your pets. Possibly one, this autonomous bistro is an incredible spot to bounce by for some great food and espresso. Isolated into two unique areas, “Fest” centers exclusively around cakes and espressos. “Grain” works in Malaysian cooking with a cutting edge wind. 

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