1. Savamala’s KC Grad is commonly the main light with regards to present-day issues, and the subject of carrying a doggo to a bistro is the same. While we don’t prescribe bringing Rusty or Ruža to a gig or the late-night parties, you’ll have no trouble bringing your canine down here during the day. The open-air region is ideal for a smidgen of wandering, and your little guy will discover no deficiency of water and consideration here.
  2. One of the many vessel bistros that top of the Zemun Quay, Savana is our most loved for various reasons. A decent determination of beverages, an irregular inside, amicable help, and wonderful perspectives are a certain something, and the house dogs include an additional layer of unattractiveness to the entire thing.
  3. At the point when we were composing the global hit An Illustrated History of Slavic Misery, we stayed outdoors in Dorćol’s Meduza for most of the time. Each morning resembled precision – the mailmen would show up for their post-move lager at 9.30 am, not long before what we, by and large, alluded to as ‘Canine Club’. The proportion is never going to be 1:1, yet in the event that you are bound to see a dog at Meduza than not.
  4. Named after the first proprietor of the house, Blaznavac has one of the most one of the things you wish to experience. Dynamic sprinkles of shading proliferate through an assortment of strange figures and artworks, giving the impression of an especially substantial cheddar dream, but one that accompanies jovial assistance and a fine run of mixed drinks. Your canine will make some incredible memories here. 
  5. Toro Latin Gastrobar. The subject of carrying your pet to lunch is troublesome, as they probably won’t demonstrate a specific tantalizing choice in a social setting. We’re joking (truly, genuinely, we 100% are), yet there is unmistakably a contrast between taking a canine to the bar and carrying one to an eatery brimming with burger joints. Zemun’sToro Latin Gastrobar some way or another figures out how to ride the awkward gap, making a pet-accommodating condition close by the absolute best meat eater agreeable dishes in the city.

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